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I am a  certified Mama Bliss Life Coach with years of experience in guiding women just like you to find their authentic, natural, simplified self. I like to start from the foundation and work up with all of my offerings. I believe that by reinforcing these four pillars we create a balance to grow upon:

  • Practicing daily self-care: simple ways to maintain our natural healthy selves.

  • Creativity: exploring creative outlets in small ways everyday.

  • Being true to your values: defining values and sculpting lives around them.

  • Simplicity: Keeping our emotional and physical lives simple and clear.

What Does It Mean to Coach With Me?

Simply Authentic
Simply Natural
Simply You

Are you getting swept away by unreal expectations placed there by others and yourself?   Are you making choices that bring you closer to your authentic self? Is your tangible life interfering with your authentic life?

Are you in need of getting reaquainted with your naturally creative self?  Are you in need of living a more organic, organized and frugal. A life that frees you from stuff and saves money and time all in one?

Are you making time for yourself  in small ways everyday? Are you struggling with saying "NO" to people and expetations? Do you struggle with the “perfection myth” and showing yourself compassion?

If any of these sound anything like what you are experiencing I am here to lovingly guide you to a new beginning.

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“The first step toward getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are”


Simply Bliss

I will be your guide, leading you on a path forward showing you how to discover your dreams, aspirations and yourself. As your coach, I will help you to  discover your potential and recognize what may be  happening in your life, today, that is holding you back from the authentic natural you.

  1. We will enjoy four one hour sessions which will be designed just for you and your dreams. We can meet over the phone, virtual meeting or even in person.
  2. I will be emailing you a follow-up a few days after each of our sessions together. This will give you a reminder of what we discussed and help you focus on you.
  3. It will be a safe place to explore your dreams and for you to focus on you. We will work with meditation, list making and setting boundaries just to name a few.
  4. During our time together I will encourage you to visit creativity as often as you can, sustain life-long self-care practices, embrace personal values and of course simplify your life.
Schedule your package of four, 1 hour weekly sessions, follow up emails plus a follow-up half hour session four weeks after finishing our time together.  Plus all the support and love you need in between for $300.00.
Now is the time to get started and show yourself some special love
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Simply Organized - Simply Frugal

This package will focus on organizing your space and time which always helps with organizing our minds. We will also look at ways to live more naturally and frugally. This kind of change can seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be. Keep the perfection out of it and just keep thinking practicality and natural simplicity.

  1. Over the course of four weeks we will have two one hour sessions to shape a plan for you to implement strategies that will help you and your family live more organized and frugal.
  2. The first session will focus on ways to live organized. Simple ways to clean out your space so that you can focus on what is important in your life. Organized space organized mind.
  3. Our second session will focus on living more frugally. Once you have some organization under your belt let’s work on less is more so not to fill the space back up.
  4. Over the course of four weeks look a weekly email with follow-ups from our time together and oodles of support and ideas on how to save money, time while living more naturally.
 Schedule your two one hour sessions and four weekly emails with exercises and support for your journey to living a more organize and frugal life for $200.0 .
Time to get organized and live the frugal natural life you have always wanted to
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Simply Creativite

This wonderful package focuses on guiding you toward living more authentically through creativity and writing. It is designed to jumpstart your creative heart (no defibrillators involved, I promise).

  1. During our hour together we will narrow in on what is holding you back from being the most authentic self you can be.
  2. Following our initial session I will email you exercises each Monday for the next four weeks. These will be designed just for you to bring out your creative beast.
  3. Along with your four emails I will check in periodically to see how you are doing and let you know I am always here rooting for you.
  4. The exercises will include drawing, collage, journal prompts and so many other ways to center yourself in creativity.
Schedule your one hour session and four weekly creative prompts and as always, support and love throughout your growth process for only $75.00.
Ready to discover yourself through creativity
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